Autopsia - Sistema Y Poder LP

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Official Description:
AUTOPSIA was formed in a turbulent Lima, capital of Peru, in the year 84 between 4 young people between 18 and 22 years old with the country plunged into one of its worst crises. The difficulty in obtaining instruments did not prevent them from getting together and composing songs, absorbing the European hardcore of the time as well as British postpunk to create a very personal sound: direct and aggressive Latin American punk but with a dark touch in its essence. They recorded 4 songs that same year that they included in the legendary shared cassette known as “la maqueta de los cuatro grupos” together with Leuzemia, Zcuela Crrada and Guerrilla Urbana for a year later, in 1985, record their self-published and distributed originally by the band itself in a DIY way demo SISTEMA Y PODER. In October of that same year 85, the band dissolved, leaving as a legacy these 16 songs from the demo as well as a brief and intense story collected in the 20-page fanzine included in the edition with photos, posters, flyers and clippings from original fanzines of the time. Members went after into diferent bands as Gx3, ATAQUE FRONTAL or FEUDALES. 

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