Autarch/Landbridge split 12"

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Official Description:
Formed in North Carolina in 2010, Autarch is a four-piece band from Asheville that combines elements of hardcore, crust, and post-metal to defy the limitations and expand the boundaries of each genre in order to forge their own path forward. From the unrelenting drums and enduring melodies to the undying screams of three different vocalists, the band evokes a palpable sense of urgency in order to contest the choices mankind has made in both the past and the present that pose a grave threat to our future.

Formed in Florida in 2011, Landbridge is a three-piece band from Tampa that combines elements of crust, d-beat, and hardcore to create an onslaught of foreboding compositions. The band's ominous lyrics and lowering overtures strike an apocalyptic chord in order to provide great pause and demand the liberation of both animals and the earth.

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