Atrofia Cerebral/Seven Minutes of Nausea split CD

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Official Description:
Atrocious noise core/noise grind split by Peru's ATROFIA CEREBRAL and Australia's SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA!! The original CD was a split work released on cassette tape in 1992 by Cintas Extremas, a label founded by ATROFIA CEREBRAL's drummer Miguel Tipacti. Official reissue!! Co-released by 3 labels: IMPULSO RUIN and INMUNDICIA from Peru, and LA FAMILIA SUBTERRANEA from Colombia!! Formed in 1989, "ATROFIA CEREBRAL" is a noisecore/grind cult from Peru, South America, which is their 6th album since 1992. Contains the demo "NADA IMPORTA YA"!! Chaos swirling crazy South American low noise grind!! Law & scum!! Primitive & decay noise!! A noise chaos rapid fire cannon that screams and collapses!! Total 129 songs (probably)! ! The legendary Australian noise grind "SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA", which was formed in 1985 and had a great influence on ATROFIA CEREBRAL, includes the sound source of the EP "Disobediant Loser" released in 1991!! scum noise/shortcut grind sound block, 452 songs (probably) that are truly NOISE NOT MUSIC!! At that time, 7MON's lineup included AxC's Seth Putnam on drums!! 7MON, AxC ~ SCUM NOISE GRIND ~ NOISECORE For Maniacs!! Limited edition of 300 copies!!

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