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Formed in 2010, ibaraki hardcore band "ATARAXIA"! ! The 1st album to release in the 11th year of formation! ! Self-release from your own explosion chain! ! The dirty and classy jet-black sound that swallowed 90s TRUST ~ Scanzi D-BEAT TRUST is further sharpened, and the band's masterpiece that has evolved! ! A powerful album that knocks down and cuts down with a sound full of tension and energy! ! All 10 songs are included! ! D-BEAT TRUST ~ TRUST HARDCORE Fan! !
ATARAXIA is a stoic band.
As COVID-19 raged around the world and many bands were forced to stop working, they went to the studio and began working on their first full album.
"If you can't perform, leave a powerful sound source" At present, the band's best condition is, the members decide to move forward without dinging to stop.
The riffs kneaded with a metallic feel around the black and strong CRUSH and D-BEAT, the drums rushing into the primitive, the bass roaring at Trebrie, and Asao's powerful vocals with the frustration of not being able to perform together, together with the wonderfulness of the music, completed the first full-length album here.
This is ATARAXIA's masterpiece at the moment. Under these terrible world conditions, ATARAXIA sent out a masterpiece.
I would like many people to listen to ATARAXIA, which has evolved more solidly and more thrillingly. (O-YA)

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