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Total noise..fuck tunes..rabid...fuzzy powerthrash...ultra hardcore punk... words used to describe them and then they found themselves banned from Stoke
for being "too Hardcore" and make matters worse one member received a short prison sentence. Total complete discography with 31 tracks including 5 tracks
by POLITICAL ASYLUM who were an offshoot of Asylum ( Beano and Baz) the band featured Oddy on bass and Baz on drums who then went onto BROKEN BONES. This CD also included 16 pages of a booklet full of ASYLUM stories and early photos of era ' Noise Not Music'.

Formed in 1981 by a crew of hardcore punx and skins from Stoke-on-Trent in the industrial Midlands of England, Asylum fully embraced the ‘Noise Not Music’ rallying call.

The missing link between Discharge and Japanese Noisecore, their sound is characterised by detuned ear-piercing distortion: buzzsaw guitars, fuzzed bass, charging drums and gargled vocals battle each other in a maelstrom of lo-fi production murk that reflects the bleak outlook of their lyrics.

Only existing for a brief moment in time (playing a handful of mainly local gigs and releasing one demo tape and the occasional track on compilation tapes) and obscure even during their existence, Asylum were nonetheless influential, their ‘1,000 M.P.H. Hardcore Punk’ inspiring other U.K. groups such as Skum Dribblurzzzz and Napalm Death.

Asylum had an urgent intensity that surpassed other bands of the era: Death of Music - Birth of Noise. (Nic Bullen, Ex - NAPALM DEATH)

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