Assault - Early Years CD

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ASSAULT Initial Sound Source Collection! ! Released by NOVEMBRE Recvords in a set of TWO CD + DVD! !

From the late 1990s to the early 1900s, ASSAULT made a name for himself with a Japanese hardcore sound with intense acceleration based on shadowy lyricism and grand development, demo tape ~ 1st 7ep to 2nd 7ep Complete a total of 10 songs that were unCDed initial compilation! In addition to the CD, a DVD that recorded the live in Niigata WOODy in 2001 in full set is also included.

The style on the 1st album that combines guitars that put in a solo of inscriptions and crying that seems to have progressed in parallel with TRAGEDY and Europian rush metal, bass that plays a second melody while groaning at the bottom of the ground, drums that bear a strong sense of speed in one hand, vocals that beat emotions to the verge of protruding, In the music group that is recorded in this work and some are reprinted after, there is a strong presence because the search for the balance can be seen in the number of members transition.
Japanese hardcore bands of this era incorporated "metallic" elements in no small way, but it is one piece that presents again now that bands that were "metal" but "hardcore" as much as ASSAULT were rare.

*Please note that all of this work has been remastered from the beginning of the board.

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