Asocial - Det Bittra Slutet EP

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Official Description:
"Det Bittra Slutet" is the debut EP of the swedish Raw Punk, D-Beat, Hardcore band ASOCIAL, a legendary act that has been active in the Mid / Late Eighties - Early Nineties, since later 2016 they are back on the map again. ASOCIAL are one of the founding stones of the Eighties Hardcore, D-Beat scene in Sweden and their raw, aggressive D-Beat, Crust can easily compete with other "big" contemporary swedish bands like ANTI-CIMEX, MOB 47, DISARM, MODERAT LIKVIDATION, ... .
Thirty-five years after the initially release THREAT FROM THE PAST (in co-operation with the band) is putting out an official re-release on PICTURE EP, all songs got remastered for vinyl by the Hand Of Doom in the TOXIC BASMENT STUDIOS, Italy (firstly used for the "Det Bittra Slutet +" 2 x LP on F.O.A.D. RECORDS from Italy) and the artwork for the A-Side was drawn by Stiv, STIVART again (he already did a drawing for the "Religion Sucks" 7" PICTURE EP), Bernd Spring, Germany re-arranged and created the all final artwork to get the best possible result.

The original pressing (on normal vinyl) was released in the year 1984, released label was DIS-RECORDS from Sweden.

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