Arcadian Starship - Dedicated to Winslow Leach LP+CD

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(Debauch Mood)

Official Description:
The 22nd release of DEBAUCH MOOD is the Acadian Starship "Dediccated To Winslow Reach".

A solo project by "Shirahama", which is a central member of The Sleeping Aids & Razorbrades in Sapporo and uses its natural musicality as a pillar and a melody of crying as a weapon.
The LP+CD ver. of tape ver. sound source (released on February 11, 2020) released in advance will be released in February 2021.

If you have already enjoyed this work with TAPE, this work is full of Power Pop that connects the pale memories of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s to skewers, and the late "his freedom" overlaps as R&R, and the timely micro KORG sound "shape" It was completed as a content that makes it shine more clearly.
Because it is a home record, it is necessary to pay attention to the mode that I focused on this work that I should confirm first. He said the no.1 criterion was that he wanted to output martin Newell/Cleaners From Venus's great presence as his own, and the overflowing Image was formed as the flesh and flesh of a song that was dropped to the delusion level, and as a sound source that focused on the band's sound feel, which was boldly separated from the so-called betroom home recording method.
Others were inspired by Elvis Costello's Blue Chair (out of our idiot version), Marshall Crenshaw's 1st-3rd, Matsuo Kiyonori's 1st, Jim Basnight's I wanna be yours, Harlow's Harry de mazzio, etc., but the earliest Fleetwood There is even a feeling that seems to be a national uke in Rumours Bali of Mac, and it is his own expression extreme Real Dream Pop in the absolute realm of backlash regardless of all intentions and contingent forms. accumulation of his own musical experience. nostalgia. It feels like a reunion. as it resonates with the inner feelings of each of the listening artists from the entire album.

The enclosed product is a board, LP ver. dedicated insert ×2, paper jacket CD, recording, design, design data creation, MV shooting, editing, appearance everything is carried out by the person himself. This work is made physically with free sounds and shapes that Shirahama himself thinks about and expresses from one to the end. Simple story, even in a situation where there are few live performances in such a covid-19-infested world, this work is an example of "one piece of crying" that found a way to live in the form of a home record, and it is a sound source that can be enjoyed as a record release that is even valuable in a sense.

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