Angel'in Heavy Syrup - (Why Don't You Take A Sightseeing Bus With Me?) 7" single

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Official Description:
Legendary girl psychedelic & progressive rock band, still internationally acclaimed, Angelin Heavy Syrup, respecting Doji Morita with two precious songs, on 7"!
A four-piece female group from Osaka, reputed to be the pinnacle of Japanese neo-psychedelic music. The band's world is a fragile yet beautiful one-of-a-kind blend of prog rock, psychedelic elements and clear vocals that resonate with a sense of melancholy. It is said that their fastidious and highly pure music was only possible in the underground.
Coupling of 'Why don't you take a sightseeing bus ride with me', which was heard on Angeline Heavy Syrup's debut album, and 'Spring Blossom', which is only included on the best of album.

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