Anal Vomit - From Peruvian Hell CD

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Official Description:
2012 Reissue on CD Format of their Infamous 2002 7" EP Vinyl. Includes 5 track from the EP + 2 bonus live tracks recorded 02/09/2006 in Tacna-Peru making a total of 7 tracks of Raw Morbid Death Metal from Peru. Limited Edition. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

It was around the time that GOAT SEMEN, which released a demo, became a hot topic, and Legion of Death, a label that releases only remote bands, began to attract attention in Japan, but unlike now, Legion of Death's works were difficult to obtain. This VOMIT EP is also a happy reissue for fans. At this time, the influence of SARCOFAGO and early SEPULTURA is quite strong in South America Deathrush, and GOAT SEMENBARI's ultra-high-tone shout also pops out, and the royal Pervian Deathrush explodes! !! If you're a South American Evil Death Metal fanatic, you can't help but get excited. I also do a cover of MOTRUORIO live.

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