Amenazas/Sin Nacion/Pesticida SS/Huasipungo 4-way split 12"

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(Ruido Total Records etc)
(Colombia, France, Colombia, USA)

2018 4-WAY SPLIT featuring 4 intense Latin HC-D-BEAT groups from Colombia, France and the US!
AMENAZAS in Colombia contains 7 songs of reverb mangel KANG completely under the influence of Scandinavian HC!
Ruido Total Records owner enrolled France SINNACION squatting reverb Vo impact rocking metallic slash HC8 songs included!
PESTICIDA SS in Colombia! This is intensely cool again! ! , This also includes all 6 RAW HC songs under the influence of HC80's Scandinavian HC!
And USNYC's ancestor US Latin HC and HUASIPUNGO are not D-BEAT sounds like other groups, but they record six dignified Spanish Ana-Copunk songs!
From the beginning to the end, it has a total of 27 songs that are just RUIDO TOTAL with dense high tension and a lot of volume, joint release with France Latin Latin Slash hardcore label Ruido Total Records and others!

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