Agents of Satan/Paranoid Freakout split 7"

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Fast recordings from the mighty Powerviolence/Sludge/Doom Metal pioneers AGENTS of SATAN together with PARANOID FREAKOUT from Oakland, California. Bad Acid Trip, Lack of Interest,Benumb members) AGENTS of SATAN are a whacked out, gory, obscene grind/pv outfit who seemed to be most active in the late 90s. Crazy, high pitched shrieks meet deep, guttural vocals while the instruments lay down some groovy, grind riffs. Kindred (Stinkweed - R.I.P.) did vocals in both bands. PARANOID FREAKOUT burst out 5 tracks of fast as fuck Powerviolence/Grind mix. Pete from BENUMB on vocals. Essential record for every WEST BAY COALITION fan!

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