Agathocles/Psycho Sin split 7"

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(Jerk Off Records)

In short: What's better, Agathocles collection or PS collection?

Official Description:
10 brand new unreleased AG songs for this split 7" with the mighty PSYCHO SIN. AG goes for short "blast and go" grindcore punk tracks with early 80's scream and shout punk touch...catchy as fuck. Psycho Sin was formed in 1981. We used to be a hardcore punk band. We decided to take it up a notch. So we created Noisecore! We coined that phrase. Cause everything was called fastcore! If it wasn't for us bands like Napalm Death, D.R.I, Siege, Larm, 7 Minutes of Nausea, Rapt, Sore Throat etc...They were our fans...They Would not exist! Those are the facts! History 101! Our first 3 song demo tape ended up in Europe. Because I was stationed in Germany that's how 400 tapes got around! Tunnel Canary from Canada were our biggest Influence. Crime From San Francisco was another band. Blue Cheer, The Who, The Clash and Hendrix! We also play a style called scrap metal...Sort of like Missing Foundation from NYC! We are anti-cop, Religion, FBI, CIA, Real Anarchist! We are still going. Almost 40 years!

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