Agathocles/Parasomnia split 7"

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2021 limited split EP by Belgian grind king "AGATHOCLES" that silently shuts up crying children and Finnish female vocal RAW HARDCORE PUNK new band "PARASOMNIA"! ! AGATHOCLES familiar to GRIND FREAKS shows off AGATOHO style D-BEAT RAW PUNK in this work! ! Inject AGATHOCLES-style RAW & DIRTY into SWEDISH D-BEAT reminiscent of CRUDE SS, D.N.A., bombanfal! ! The sound that will be like this if AGATHOCLES does D-BEAT! ! No cool, as expected AGATHOCLES! ! DIRTY D-BEAT RAW PUNK!! Includes all four songs recorded in 2013! ! On the other hand, the newcomer "PARASOMNIA" from Helsinki, Finland, is a raging FINNISH RAW HARDCORE PUNK! ! At the time of recording (recorded in 2017), the members were 15 to 17 years old, the sound of the young power explosion! ! MELUSAASTE, KUOLEMA, CREEPY CRAWLIE are also cited, but the impulsive FINNISH RAW HARDCORE PUNK where direct-hearted female vocals get mad at the dirty and low sound! ! intense!! ALL CRUSTIES ARE BASTARDS!! All five songs included! ! Good Split!! Limited 200 sheets press! !

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