Affect - This is Varmland Noise CD

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Official Description:
This is kängpunk at its finest: Affect come from Varmland County, Sweden featuring member of E.A.T.E.R, Våldsamt motstånd, Fördärvad, A.R.S.E.L and Destruktiv. Total 14 tracks mini discography with Disclose worship in a total distort brutal Hardcore mangel.

Well, you got that right, AFFECT. I first played this tape well into the evening, after a few park sodas, and said to myself “maybe I’ll listen to this again over the weekend, and it won’t sound so much like DISCLOSE.” AFFECT are a Swedish band, and if you love DISCLOSE and GLORIOUS?, this is a perfect addition to your Dis-collection. Dis is absolut raw chaos punk noize for reality fucker. And the best part: it’s done by two people, yet sounding like a catastrophic cacophony of several more. The percussion is a bit heavier than is standard, as is the galloping stomper track—my favorite—”Bleeding.” The words are lengthy and well-paced, nicely understated, throughout the tracks, and my only complaint is that I’d love to have some printed lyrics. The tan-on-black cover art is also excellent. AFFECT goes from “eh” to “hmm, well, OK!” with each subsequent listen. - Maximum RocknRoll #448 , September 2020.

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