Acute - For Peace 1986-1992 CD

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Sapporo city 80's Hardcore, ACUTE! This is their discography from 1986 until 1992 consist of 23 tracks taken from previous 1986 Rehearsal, 1987 at Studio Zig. 1987 - 1988 Live at Bessie Hall and 1989 from Nothing Action, Nothing Have ( Sapporo Hardcore Sampler with F.U.P, SLANG and SATANIC HELL SLAUGHTER). ACUTE started in the winter of 1985 and most of the lyrics are about Anti-war and anti- Nuclear and played various live shows with other Sapporo bands. This CD booklet included a note liner of the band's history, photo and sticker. For fans of Sapporo City Hardcore, please don't missed this band as they are same era with F.U.P, SLANG, SPIT FIRE, SLANG Etc.

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