Ability - Reality Was War CD

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Official Description:
The second release of the new label Five Knuckle Shuffle records release, which released the DECEIVING SOCIETY demo collection CD in 2020, is a triple CITY 90's late CRAISHER NOISE D-BEAT RAW PUNK group, which was launched in parallel by DECEIVING SOCIETY members. ABILITY] discography CD!!
Currently working as a member of Yanagiya Mutsumi & THE RAT BONES and RADIOACTIVE, Mr. Daigo, who was a drummer of DECEIVING SOCIETY at the time, was in charge of the base, and also in charge of THE DECKIVING ABILITY, which was in charge of the vocalist by Mr. Kinoch, who was a guitarist of SOCIETY, also appeared several times at the FINAL NOISE ATTACK gig hosted by GROOM in Osaka at that time, and the memory that enthused the audience with its imposing rough staging even though he was a generation one time younger than the surroundings is vivid!
At that time, members saw the crusher noise core of GLOM, which boasted overwhelming influence in the Western Japan Underground CRUST scene, and the D-BEAT RAW PUNK proposed by DISKOSE were compressed, initial DISKCHARGE ~ UK CRUST, And all 16 songs swirling dos black and intense noisy dirty DIS CRASHER NOISE PUNK unique to that era that interweaved the influence from Scandinavian HC, which still had little information, are completely remastered and revived now in 2021! ! (JACKY CRUST WAR) 

Released october 10, 2021 Includes:
1-4 : 2020 U.S.Doomed To Extinction release EP recording song. Simultaneous recording with two songs that participated in the 2000 release 2 disc omnibus LP "Chaos Of Destruction 2" (omnibus recording song has not been collected)
5-16 : 1999 SPLIT CASSETE with DECEIVING SOCIETY "Oi Wake Up" recording song, first reissue in this work! !

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