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Shizuoka Mohawk Hardcore "902" !! Released the first album in 12 years from BLOOD SUCKER on September 02, 2020 (902 !!) !! Shizuoka Japanese Hardcore Spirits inherited from the 80's to the 90's to the present , Shizuoka hardcore punk band "902" that embodies the present of Reiwa and rushes !! An album of the whole body that rushes and sprints while giving off a hot Japanese hardcore soul !! Hot vocals and chorus work, powerful but sprinting feeling Outstanding sound is powerful !!

Not only for Shizuoka hardcore punk fans, but also for all Japanese hardcore fans !! All 10 songs recorded !! For nearly 40 years since the appearance of DEADLESS MUSS and SO WHAT in the mid-1980s, The breath of Shizuoka Japanese hardcore that has been passed down, and the current ongoing Shizuoka hardcore punk band 902, which inherits the spirit of ZONE, The Rustler, 8000 and lives in the present of Reiwa, which inherited the spirit of the 90's, is the previous work (Blank to be violated-2008 work) will be released from BLOOD SUCKER! !!
A rush-type lasing hardcore slash punk sound that expresses the urge to spring up with lyrics and sound!
In living in modern society, he spit out the pain and conflict of being a punk, continued to seek his own strength to destroy all of them, and packed hope for the future to build a new world that punk should aim for. Contains 10 songs of the whole body! !!
Also pay attention to the unique jacket and inner art by Mr. Vocal Keita of DILDOS, a psychobilly band based in Shizuoka prefecture! !!
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