Yegor & Opizdenevshie - (One Hundred Years of Solitude) 2xLP

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In the early 90s, Yegor Letov repeatedly spoke about his intention to move away from music. However, after recording the “ Jump-Skok ” album in one of the interviews, he spoke about the desire to record another album, a love record. As the author wrote in his "creative and political biography", "One Hundred Years of Solitude" came out of the song "Jump-Skok", more precisely, from the principles that were laid down in it.

Letov’s search was associated with various spiritual practices, including meditation and breath holding. An important role in the search was played by experiments with LSD, which subsequently continued and eventually resulted in the album “ Why Do I Have Dreams? ". Almost all the songs included in “One Hundred Years of Solitude” were written by Egor in an altered state of consciousness.

The album was recorded in the legendary “Gr. Ob.” - studio. Work on the record lasted for a year and a half. Instrumental parts were recorded on an Olympus-003 tape recorder, which was used to record the early Civil Defense albums, including the Russian Field of Experiments series. As a result, the musicians recorded a conceptual canvas, which became the clearest example of domestic psychedelia.

"In other words, we felt that we were becoming part of mass culture. That is why I changed the name of the group to the fundamentally unprintable "Egor and the fucked up" so that it could not be used by any mass media. Then the group fell apart, and for a long time we did not work at all. I was doing poetry, half of the composition did away with the music altogether. True, they did a solo project with Kostya Ryabinov - “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. They recorded it for a very long time. It was a tribute to the 1960s, the culture to which, in my opinion, gravitates to the whole essence of world rock, which people wanted to express as much as possible, but failed in a tragic way. Because rock is a losing business."

"Love for me ... I have the feeling that loving someone is impossible. To love is how to breathe. This is a process that is going nowhere. It’s just such a stream going through you. I have experienced such inspiration several times in my life. For this, then you have to pay very dearly. Different depression there. Very hard. In fact, love is when you are not there at all. I call it God. I just can explain what I experienced. It’s like I wasn’t at all. I was everything and some stream lashed through me. It was love. I can’t say that I loved someone or something. It was just love. Like the whole world. I was the whole world."

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