Yanka and the Great October Revolution - (Declassified Elements) LP

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(Vyrgorod Records)

"The most famous and most popular bootleg. Recorded in Tyumen in the local semi-studio in the early summer of 1988 by a certain Zhenya Shabalov on Saturn. This is Yankee's first electric record, a kind of touchstone. Behind the drums is the unmercifully messing up Zhenya “Jackson” Kokorin (at that time - the IPV drummer, and now the provocation guitarist and the Bear Pile Managerovsky), I am on the bass, Yanka is on the rhythm guitar, and, literally, the day before was invited Jeff Zhevtun’s permanent staff - on a saluba launched through an American super-expensive lotion that made such a cunning and sophisticated sound that after listening to the album, Romych even noted the excessive “otherworldly” and “afterlife” of the guitar sound. Funny post."

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