Xero Fiction - Pop Overdose LP (Euro press)

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Official Description:
XERO FICTION was formed in 2012 by Haruka (Vo / key) and Koichirou (Gu). Released the 2nd full album "I Feel Satisfaction" from the label Jun Gray Records in PIZZA OF DEATH RECORDS, which is active mainly in Nagoya and releases a female vocal band specially in March 2017. Two frontmen from a crunchy hardcore band develop their own way into the world of pop music in search of a wider world. If it sublimated brilliantly and the previous work "I Feel Satisfaction" was completed, this work "POP OVERDOSE!" Is pop with the "uniqueness" created by its unique perspective.· Keeping the seemingly contradictory elements of "pop", which makes you feel ready to compete in the middle of music, with a miracle balance, and after two years of activities from the previous work, you can make your own music as a band. In other words, it can be said that it is a proof that "uniqueness" and "popness" are the flesh of one's own blood. Perhaps for XERO FICTION now, it's just playing his own music straight. Two years ago, he released an analog version of "I Feel Satisfaction" from his own label "Xero Xero records", and last year released a limited analog version with two songs (sold out immediately), and a wide range of live performances from HARDCORE PUNK to POP music scenes. Activities are also developed. It's easy in words, but it's not easy if the band's identity isn't established.
In this work, I also challenge Japanese lyrics. The remix ver. Also includes the opening number "Believe in my way", which has a pleasant beat and a feeling of running, and "SEVENTEEN" and "Silent Story", which are also recorded on the above-mentioned analog board, and the ending number "You &" POP and HARDCORE PUNK, which are more addictive than the previous work, have songs such as "I" that have been firmly incorporated into the work over the past two years and have been dyed in their colors even with various challenges. The very original album that was included was completed. In that sense, XERO FICTION isn't strange, it's just expressing its own music in a straightforward manner. How will these music be expressed in "live", which can be a guideline for a wide range of activities, and how will their "uniqueness" and "pop" be expressed and where will they go? .. With that in mind, there is no doubt that this work "POP OVERDOSE!" Will be an important work for both them and us listeners.

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