Violencia - El Odio Me Hizo Hacerlo tape

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(Speed Creamer Cassettes)

Demo tape by this Tijuana power violence band, released in the USA by my friend Sean. This is way above and beyond the average demo tape, with a heavy, clean, powerful production, fully realized songs and style and aesthetic. Violencia is playing what I guess I'd call 'modern power violence', like Mind Eraser, or I have never heard bands like Weekend Nachos but I imagine they sound like this only not as good. Violencia is totally ripping, tight as a whistle, brutal, only 2 songs out of 12 over the 1:00 mark (one of which is due to a long sample), the occasional heavy breakdown but it's pretty much all-go with starts and stops at the drop of a dime.
GREAT shit, highly recommended for those with a need for speed.

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