V/A - Pajtas Daloljunk Y (Magyar Punk 1983-1987) LP

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(Trottel Records)

The uneavalling of Hungarian punk archives continues, and Tamás released the second sequel to the vinyl series Pajtás Daloljunkon his trottel records label, which loosely follows the cassette compilation series of the same name from ancient times. Pajtás Daloljunk Y builds on the previous X and serves a collection of songs created between 1983 and 1987.

The album is started by a lively cult Kretens from 83. Fortunately, raw concert sound can maintain the melodic potential of their work and energy. Their music is somewhere between classical punk and its fast-paced continuers from the early 1980s. Kretens are one of the bands from which I would like to hear more from their work at that time, and at least in demo quality. They are followed by Herpesz, two demo songs from 84, showing off the work of primer continental hardcore punk in its early days. Fast punk, building on catchy riffs, some melody here and there, and sometimes chaos. Temetkezés vállalat, a name unknown to me. Here they are represented by a single song that represents punk with girlish slightly rude singing and ideas basing on classic rocknroll. They're a pleasant surprise to me. The party is closed by Riskó Faktor and demo song from 84, which shows the undeniable talent of the band despite the super raw garage sound. Fast and super catchy punk with a great refrain and no less good bass. This band was supposed to do something real.

Kaiser Und König, opening the other side, offers a quick version of punk again with decent technical skill. The following Pink Panthers are great rickten punk, which is rude, primitive, but at the same time catchy in its authentic expression. Trottel, who has two demo tracks from 86, when they returned after a break on stage, and their new work is extremely complex and intelligent hardcore punk, toying with dynamism, great ideas and undisputed player skills. For me personally, the 86-89 production is the closest thing Trottel has created in his long career. The best ultimately comes with QSS. A trio of totally kick-ass songs in the spirit of the best that was created in European hardcore punk at the time. QSS are a band that could easily stand equally alongside legends such as Lama or Appendix.

A great example of how interesting and so far semi-forgetful the Hungarian punk scene was in the days of goulash socialism.

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