The Savages - (With Lights) EP

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Official Description:
Tokyo punk rockers, THE SAVAGES have bloomed out of the ashes with a fresh 7" release, their first since their full album in 2018.

The curtains open on the A side with a melodic scurry of guitar riffs on "VOICE." Dramatic fluctuations between speed and slow beat with the heart of THE SAVAGES. It's a definite hit, it sings right to our hearts with ease. On top of that, this release includes a re-recording "Fade Away," a well-known hit that gives us a glimpse into their native intensity.

The artwork is also a key into the worldview of THE SAVAGES's sound. Band member KENTA's cynical yet vivid artwork defines the origin of their vision. This 7" release is made to be enjoyed in its details as well as the sum of its parts.

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