The Savages - Bloom On the Ash CD

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Official Description:
The 1st album of Japanese EMOTIONAL RAW PUNK and THE SAVAGES by members of INTRUDERS, RAW DISTRACTIONS, REDNECKS and ROUGH STUFF is finally completed.

You might wonder what EMOTIONAL RAW PUNK is, but this was the only way to explain their sound in an easy-to-understand manner. It should be a little different from the sound associated with the related bands of the members mentioned above. There is no doubt that they have the hardcore and punk spirits you envision, but they have a paintbrush to express themselves and paint watercolors.

The singing bassline is entwined with 8 beats, creating a lively rhythm. A guitar with a unique sound reminiscent of UK music, and vocals that squeeze out. Is it because of each backbone that gives the impression that it is completely different from the many Japanese guitar rock bands? And every time I listen to it, I get a strong feeling that this is human-made music. I wonder if this is the kind of music that will be loved for a long time.

Three nice punks gather together, and the nine thoughts we spun finally blossom. Its name is BLOOM ON THE ASH. It is a future story that the flowers that bloom on the ashes will grow.

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