Tetsu Array - Last Night CD

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Official Description:
Japan HARDCORE's most important band, Tetsu Array's single collection CD is finally released !!!
At the end of 2014, the 30th anniversary album "IV" was released, and the following year, one-man live was held in Tokyo and Osaka. In 2016, the US tour and the European tour have been decided, and the pride of Japan HARDCORE, the iron array, which is further accelerating the activity. A collection of sound sources that summarizes the singles of the iron array is finally released! The 1st single "FORCE", the 2nd single "14ALL", and "ROCKET / CORE", which was released only for 7 inches, are also made into CD sound sources for the first time. In addition, it is a complete version that includes unreleased songs that were recorded at the same time as "ROCKET / CORE" !! One-man is also decided !!

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