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Here's my Test story: I had heard of this band but had never heard them prior to seeing them at Maryland Deathfest, they played the same year as Six Brew Bantha so I was back there doing merch/slinging my distro so I can see the entire crowd in front of me. Test proceeds to level the entire venue in a manner that I've only ever seen a couple of times prior. They are one of the musically tightest bands I've ever seen (ranking with Gauze and La Fraction), they are fucking powerful, the whole room has their jaws on the floor. A bouncer would later tell me that Test and Turnstile were the only live bands he'd ever seen like that. Total control of the room through sheer emotional and audio dominance.
So, respect, this band is truly GREAT.

In my world, Test strikes a similar chord with me as CloudRat, being bands that play what I shorthand call "Relapse-style grind" and I generally don't care about this style (to write 2-3 minute grindcore songs with all these added metal, metalcore, screamo, experimental, 'modern' influences), but Test and CloudRat are both kinda undeniably great in my opinion, so I can't help but be a fan.

They have toured the USA a couple times and have plenty of releases out, but this is the only one I've heard, and yeah, I wouldn't necessarily listen to other records of this style, but I think this is very fucking good.

Part of the plethora of stuff I brought back from Brazil. 

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