Solpaatos - Vapaus LP+flexi

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Official Description:
Niigata hardcore punk SOLPÄÄTOS, a CD from DISCOS PELIGROSOS and a cassette from WAR CLOUD RECORDS were released as a complete record of past sound sources, but POGO77 Imamura couldn't stand it anyway, and this was a 12-inch record. Should be left in the history of punk! And it was this work that offered them "I want to put out 12 inches!". Of course, it's the same as the sound source collection released in the past, Tsumaranai. Yes, and I also requested a new recording sound source and recorded it on the attached flexi disc. It's boring to have different formats with just the same sound source. The sound of SOLPÄÄTOS is that the song is pulled by a sharp bass, and the crying guitar, fluttering RAW drum, which is tuned to a salty guitar, pulls the vocals forcibly. He seems to like these bands, but LAMA, APPENDIX, POHJASAKKA, NUKKETEATTERI, KOHU-63, RATSIA ... It doesn't really affect the songs. That's good. So-called "SOLPÄÄTOS section" though it was influenced. Well, sprinting athletic meet hardcore punk. Includes A4 size 8-page booklet, flexi disc, and obi. Two new songs on the flexi disc are perfect "SOLPÄÄTOS section"! !! Do you understand this sense of urgency and seriousness? Tears will come out! Old hardcore punk fan, would be perfect.

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