Snot - Snot Greatest Hits LP

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Limited 103 pieces with hand numbering !!
Gunma HARDCORE PUNK band "SNOT" !! Discography LP with re-recorded works from 2017 to 2020 !! Discography of the same title voluntarily A discography CD was released, but 5 songs were cut off and a limited number of press analog LPs were released from JAPAN SUPPORT LIMITED in Finland !! 5 songs from "BRAIN OF CHAOS II" ('19) and " 2 songs of "DEMO 2020" are recorded in SIDE-A (FROM PAST WORKS), 6 songs of RE RECORDING are recorded in SIDE-B, all 13 songs !! 80s UK HARDCORE-JAPANESE HARDCORE Joshu hardcore punk that hits anger with the sound that hits !! Japanese hardcore fans are definitely welcome !!

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