Sloth – The Dork Mant Tub LP

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(At War With False Noise)

Official description:
So, after the shop failed and the debacle with the Bong record I've become pretty much really scunnered with releasing music and trying to keep going with this. I found the whole thing was getting more soulless and a total bummer all round, so decided to get back to what the label was all about in the first place: putting out records by bands I really like who otherwise wouldn't get the time of day, and hopefully turn people on to cool stuff, with less regard on turning a profit than just putting my favourite music out there. So, this five year old Sloth album is now coming out, because I love Sloth and I hope you do too!
If you've ever heard Sloth before then you'll probably know that they rarely come out with what you'd expect. This LP is weird, fractured, poorly recorded and with little or no heed paid to traditional song structure or listenability, and for maybe all those reasons I love it. It's heavy and beyond distorted; going between tar-pit sludge to stupid childish messing around at the drop of a hat. It's so blown out the record sounds like its about to skip, there's a scuzzy layer of tape hiss over everything and frequently parts are inaudible under whatever happens to be nearest the speaker at that moment in time.
I don't expect many people really GET Sloth, but if you do, you'll love this album. I've said it before: Sloth are my favourite band who aren't The Fall, and I think both bands share many parallels. "This song is called Baby Goat Is With His New Friends, sing along if you know the words". Right on!
99 copies only in foldover sleeve in thick PVC sleeve.

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