Scared Earth - Poisoned World LP

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Official Description:
Absolute Swedish D-Beat in the vein of DISARM, ANTI-CIMEX, DISCHARGE, THE VARUKERS, TOTALITAR, and any other heavy hitter you wanna think of.
Every fucking track on this record ISN'T you're redundant triplet , verse/chorus verse/chorus bullshit we all love , & while every track is also unique in defining this bands sound, the musicianship alone stands out with insanely tough fucking riffs and a drummer that totally fucking shreds.
Lyrically , POISONED WORLD, paints a destructive description of war and how mam will destroy mankind if we continue to let our leaders repeat history daily .
While a new band, SCARED EARTH, are no strangers to the punk scene. Members have contributed to your hearing problems by playing in bands prior such as SVART PARAD, DISSOBER, DISACCORD, & DOM DÄR.

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