S - 4 Track EP

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Official Description:
"S" experienced the Fukuoka punk scene from the very early days and many punk bands (SLICKS, MAUS, etc...) Mc, who participated in the drum program, launched a concept unit in 2003 to express himself.
Mc's overwhelming thynic sense, which always shows new expressions in occasional live performances to date, has betrayed and shocked the audience. 
At the beginning of the formation, Mc took vocals with standing drums and replaced the guitar and bass with the players needed at that time, and the song was a three-person skinhead style visual that smartly expressed 70s punk with four strikes, and performed a live full of originality that took european freeforms such as Germany and England, Gradually, he inspired music and culture such as post-punk and abstract, as well as fashion, and continues to express his unique worldview.
The 7inch vinyl work released by Kings World Records this time includes 4 songs that brushed up S's representative songs with current unit members. The drive feeling of the bass reminiscent of dub to disco beats, the tense melody of the guitar, the vocals that consist of one of the instruments against the song, the essence peculiar to the UK that these exude, the anti-expression that is not short-circuited that "nothing before = punk" "new" that the dark fragrance creates a unique groove, This is the message that underlies this work, which is questioned because of the current era.
The members are vocal Mc, guitar Marcy, bass St2 three pieces. The drum is DR-5.
In addition, one vocal toris of SENSATION BOX who is currently active in Fukuoka participates in this sound source.
"I don't want your garbage!" 

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