Rukous - Kaikki Saastuneet Tuhotaan LP

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Official Description:
On my label I am releasing stuff that I like. And this is a release I really like! I liked it from the first minute I listened to it!
Rukous is a finnish storm. Thats the only way I can describe them! When I first heard this record I felt pure joy! Hardcore punk played just as I want it to be played! Hard, fast and a ferocity that is rarely heard! You can clearly hear that these guys are pissed off!

The second coming from these guys from Helsinki, Finland is like a slap to your face. Thundering bass, machinegun drums, apocalyptic guitars and that pissed off finnish voice is gonna make this one a favourite record of mine for a long time forward! How do they sound? Like early Disfear on speed partying with Rattus, and Motörhead pops by for a quick one! And all of them are pissed af!

This is a classic to be! If you miss this one you're out of your mind!

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