Plazma-X - White Shadow 1986-1989 LP

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Official Description:
Founded in Hiroshima in 1984, PLAZMA-X was a Speed / Heavy Metal band with a solid Punk background, their earlier incarnation known as Toxoplasma (then Plasma X to Plazma X) was included on the legendary “Hiroshima Street Punx 1” compilation tape. Former members were also involved in cult Japanese Hardcore acts such as CHICKEN BOWELS, GUDON, OUTO, HALF YEARS, RISE FROM THE DEAD and ??… in few words, this is the roots of HP Metal/Punk!

Official discography sourced from masters provided by PLAZMA-X theselves, compiling all their existing recordings: “Zeanon” Demotape (1986), “Night thought” Demotape (1987), ultra rare flexi disc (1988) and a bonus track!
A great blend of Punkish Heavy Metal also having as reference the Thrash Metal/VK explosion of that time. Includes a stunning 24 page full-colored booklet full of rare photos, flyers and original artworks! Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.  

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