Piss - self-titled 2 EP

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(Static Age Records)

Second vinyl EP from this German band who recently toured the US, and it definitely stands up to the quality of their first. In case you didn’t check out that first one, Piss remind me quite a lot of S.H.I.T. and Blazing Eye in that they play noisy hardcore, often employ a really fast pogo beat, but also manage to infuse their music with some of the apocalyptic vibe of G.I.S.M. at their very best. While Blazing Eye’s sense of camp makes them special and S.H.I.T.’s mastery of atmosphere causes them to stand out, Piss stake their claim by upping the raw fury and aggression to the maximum possible level. At points, this EP even begins to transcend their established aesthetic, moving toward something more like the progressive noise-punk of Japanese bands like Zyanose or D-Clone. I also would be remiss not to mention the excellent packaging on this thing, including an eye-catching full-color layout and a cool screen-printed polybag that references a bunch of punk graphic cliches without feeling like a low-brow rehash. Definitely one of the standout hardcore releases of the past few months.

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