Permanent Death/Pissdeads split 7"

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A Review:
Permanent Death IS one of the greatest noisecore bands of our times. Yeah, you are right telling me that after Tony’s death the band is no more, but I’m witnessing such an amazing need of Permanent Death, such passion around this act, such love for one lost friend that I just can’t say Permanent Death is not alive anymore. Instead, is more alive then ever!
This split features and old session from 2002, as the inlay says, recorded in a drunken THC session. The noise you will hear follows the usual way of work of Permanent Death, so it’s just them jamming and folling around in one long self made recording session. The main difference between a lot of their stuff is that you won’t find the usual muddy mess covering everything, instead each “song” is clearly separated from the other and you can appreciate the good work of each member of the band. I don’t think that there will be someone reading this post who doesn’t know shit about Permanent Death, but, in that far and weird case, I’ll try to describe them in the good ol’ “band comparison” way. You can imagine their sound like a mix of old school noisecore (first 7 Minutes Of Nausea, a bit of Sore Throat, some Deche-Charge and an itty-bitty of Buka) all fused with a muddy overflowing production that usually covers everything in a swamp of death-smelling noise. Too fancy description? Screw that. Permanent Death ruled the place and this recording, in its somewhat different approach, still keeps up their legacy.
On the flipside, Russian new noisecore sensation Pissdeads! Popster, as you may have noticed in some previous post, is a good guy and a friend, not to mention he runs one of the best “new” noisecore bands. I’ve really loved their collection tape, Create Your Own Hate, also released by Bringer Of Gore, not to mention their very good split with Gorgonized Dorks, and I can also teel I’m not the only one, just read what my friend Fibro wrote about them here.
Pissdeads is a one man band and on this EP play seven songs, all on full throttle, with overwhelming drum blastings and messy screaming. Guitar is almost always overpowered by the drums, but you can clearly hear it during the breaks from one blast and the other and it’s quite good. Sometimes Popster switches from scream to growl, adding variety in the recipe, also giving a more grinding flavour to his stuff. Everything is well produced for noise standards, so you won’t listen too much saturated sounds or strange frequencies cut. Pissdeads style is quite original, so evry song is really enjoyable, and they always trasmit the passion and the dedication that lay behind this project. Good stuff indeed!
So, for few bucks/euros you can make yours a great slab of vinyl, with one legend on one side and one great hope for the future on the other.
Not to mention the old school-looking big hole in the vinyl. Awesomeness at its purest form.
Out on Bringer Of Gore records.

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