Peeple Watchin' - demo EP

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Official Description:
Peeple Watchin' are a punk band from Boston, MA. The songwriter was in The Credentials and had these songs percolating before Creddys had even called it a day. As such this material contains some of their previous ensemble's rough-hewn edginess and abandon, but is more defined by an attention to song detail and rockin' leads. Catchy queer punk that is every bit as defiant and hopeful as defeated and searching. Folks from Parasol and Ridgemont round out the crew. From the first time I saw Peeple Watchin' play (at a practice the bassist couldn't make it to), I knew I wanted to help get these songs heard. Superior artwork (by Vacation's Evan Wolff) and mastering top off this vinyl reissue of their sold out demo tape!

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