Orgasm Nostradamusa - (Esthetical Terrorism) LP

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In the wind, a ragged, dirty, terrible banner of anarcho-immoralism develops, gathering more and more followers, hysteroids, paranoids and maniacs under its banner ...

A Siberian hardcore punk band, founded in 1995 in the city of Ulan-Ude Uglom (Alexey Fishev) and Rezan (Leonid Rezanov) and subsequently became one of the most famous and cult punk bands in Russia. The group was at the forefront of the so-called “Hydrocephalic Movement”, leading extreme musicians, poets and artists who did not fit into society, espousing "decay, self-destruction, and voluntary degradation". The collective ceased to exist in 2003, when the leader and ideological inspiration of the project, Alexei “Ugol” Fishev, died tragically, and six months before that, the guitarist and music author, Alexander “Arkhip” Arkhipov.

Unlike other hardcore punk bands, songs by O.N rarely affected politics, giving way to lovingly-erotic, grotesque-absurd delusions. However, there were themes typical of punk rock.

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