Nothing Clean - Cheat LP

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Official Description:
From the UK's blackened core (aka Leicester) comes Nothing Clean, whose members have spent time in such excellent outfits as Mangle, Hangover Heartattack, Diet Pills and Meatpacker. After a number of split EPs this is their first album proper, with some songs making a reappearance alongside brand new ragers. For a minimal outlay you get maximum bang for your buck with about forty songs in 20 minutes. Powerviolence is the word, bordering on grindcore at times. This is legitimately vicious, intense stuff, allowing itself little room for variation but instantly establishing this quartet as one of the Shittish Isles' finest, fastest hardcore combos. Bordering on grindcore for sure, Nothing Clean are honouring the spirit of the most insanely compact West Coast powerviolence bands of the mid-90s: Spazz and Lack Of Interest, particularly.

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