Neurotic Existence - At War With the World LP

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Official Description:
The new NEUROTIC EXISTENCE plate closes a circle. The first vinyl release on Kink Records in 2005 was the 7" of HIS IRO IS GONE (in which Tati from LOST WORLD, ANIMAL BONDAGE, DAY BY DAY, INSONNIA etc. played) and the second vinyl release in 2007 the THOUGHT ASSAULT 7" (in which Conni played). Both have been making music together at NEUROTIC EXISTENCE for several years now and therefore I am very happy to release the second album "At war with the world" together with ANGRY VOICE. On the record there are 9 new crackers, which skillfully combine fast hardcore punk with classic anarchopunk. Beautifully melodic guitars meet a straight drum beat and the pissed-off, scratchy alternating vocals between Tati and Marleo. The record comes in a chic 350g cover with inlay!

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