Mustang/EU's Arse split 7"

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Official Description:
BREAK THE RECORDS will release a 7-inch split to coincide with the Japan tour of Italy's "EU'S ARSE" and Hakodate's "MUSTANG" to be held in May 2018!

"EU'S ARSE", an Italian hardcore legend alongside WRETCHED, Indigesti, Raw Power, Negazione and more! In 2018, the first visit to Japan was decided under the invitation of MUSTANG! Speaking of EU'S ARSE, I think that many people think of the historical masterpiece split sound source with IMPACT. With the vocal phrase peculiar to Italian hardcore and the unusually high tension of the whole band, blood reflux and goosebumps will be inevitable even if you listen to it now. Their 2018 work has a good sense of professionalism while maintaining the impression of absolute Italian hardcore. The sound making is also excellent and symbolizes the quality of today's EURO hardcore.

The hardcore Japan national team "MUSTANG" produced by Hakodate also includes 3 songs of the whole body. It is a sound source release from FINLAND's hardcore label Kämäset Levyt since 7 inches alone, and MUSTANG is not prolific considering the activity history, but the concentration of each one is unrivaled. The 120% pure Hakodate hardcore weaved by them can be said to be an ideal system of hardcore that inspires oneself, with the maximum potential of a three-piece band. It seems that even the way of life of MUSTANG can be seen through from the end, carving the feelings to the limit of the 7-inch record. There is a reason to shout out loud. To reach as many people as possible.

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