Mulltute - self-titled LP (2015)

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For the past few years now, Germany's Mülltüte have quietly been releasing some of the best hardcore records in the world that no one really seems to care about. They're all self-released, they all have similar layouts, and they all follow a similar aesthetic. From the start I've been apt to compare them to the great Amde Petersen's Armé. I think that's because they're a European band emulating (to some degree at least) US-style hardcore. Even though it might sound like the copy would be of lesser value than the original, I think a lot of value gets added in the process. Different cultures have different native rhythms, and judging by the music they tend to make I think that Europeans hear something slightly different in American hardcore than Americans ourselves do. It's a tough thing to articulate because it's fast, loud, and catchy just like US hardcore, but there's a certain indefinable quality to the rhythm that also makes me think of bands like Svart Framtid or Headcleaners as well as the band's German forebears, most importantly Upright Citizens. Anyway, as you would expect Mülltüte switch up the formula slightly for the 12" format, adding a pretty big dose of melody and letting the songs breathe a little bit more than they did on the earlier records, all the while staying true to the band's fast and loud early 80s aesthetic. If you picked up the Data Control 12" from this update or if you're interested in the more hardcore-ish Umeå bands (like UX Vileheads and Instängd) you should grab all of this band's stuff, particularly if you want to hear a band that does a somewhat more ambitious and modern take on the style.

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