Masakre - Crawling to Perdition tape

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In short: Crust as fuck existence + FUCKIN METAL BRO. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Official Description:
MASAKRE are harsh, unforgiving and brutal hardcore punk in all the most effective ways. Taken influence from BOLT THROWER, FRAMTID, LIFE, CIANIDE, REPULSION and ANATOMIA, but has hammered out and forged it's own sound. Their first EP entitled "CRAWLING TO PERDITION" is released by G-Lord Records(Malaysia), Goathlord Records(Malaysia) and Total Fucker Records(USA). Offers up 6 tracks of pure abrasive noise-drenched hardcore punk and face peeling death metal brutality. Expect nothing but raw, in your face, crusty death punk aggression.

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