Manbiki Chocolate - Super Dimensional Hardcore LP

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Official Description:
“super dimensional hardcore” is 18 tracks of raging hardcore from Utsunomiya City, Japan. MANBIKI CHOCOLATE released their 1st record, an 8? flexi titled “manbiki densetsu part 1” in 1990, and a self-released CD “soloban” in 1999, both of which have become highly sought after collector’s items. The 1st era of the band being possibly the last of the band to play stylistically ’80s Japanese hardcore, while the 2nd era perfects their sound and evolves it in a way that predated sounds heard on albums like GISM’s “sonicrime therapy”. “super dimensional hardcore” includes the complete flexi and CD tracks as well as tracks from their mysterious “manbiki densetsu part 2” tape, “fuck off” compilation, and 3 completely unreleased tracks, all from the original masters. Includes 8 page colored booklet including a band history, photos.

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