Knife For An Eye - Damnation Rock'n'Roll LP

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Official Description:
This is the debut record of Knife for an Eye. It is also the farewell record for Knife for an Eye. I mean, using the slogan “Damnation rock'n'roll until 2019” doesn't leave you with much of a choice, does it? Besides that, the record could also be seen as a best of Knife for an Eye. Or a discography of Knife for an Eye. This is it, snooze and you lose!
The material ranges from punk rock frenzy to old school rock'n'roll, with influences like GBH and Motörhead. One thing is sure, you won't fall asleep while listening to this record.
The members are no newcomers to the scene. They have been around for a long time, in bands like Nasum, The Accidents, Genocide SS, Anti Cimex, Driller Killer, Troublemakers, The Partisans and Ticking Bombs. This record doesn't sound like any of these bands though. It's damnation rock'n'roll! Or was, until 2019!

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