Klonns - Amon//Gehenna EP

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(Black Hole Records)

Official Description:
KRONS raises NWOJHC and spits out top-class hardcore punk not only in Tokyo but also in Japan. At the end of March 2021,Granule released its first record since Split 7" from BLACK HOLE.

The two songs included this time feature vocals of MOONSCAPE and IGNITION BLOCK M respectively. Shv's vocals and 80's Japanese Hardcore make the word roar so good that the body moves like it can be captured in body music. The voice of FATE full of darkness and AISHA with a core in Nihir is intertwined there. Tokyo's response to Raw Hardcore since 2010.

In addition, each Remix is also included only in the digital release. Please feel surprised to hear two songs that you can feel Gabba by RYOKO2000 and Neo Trance by CVN.

Joe B, who was a graphic artist and a player of Subversive Rite / Question, was responsible for the jacket. Keigo Krematsu brings together the overall design including inserts and labels. Insert Portrait Chihiro Yoshikawa / Side B Label Thank you to everyone who cooperated with us, such as Photography, Kenji Nakano, Design, Urakami Kohei, etc.

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