Joukkouhauta - self-titled EP

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(Tampere Hardcore Coalition)

Finland's current group, 2020 1st EP, which was a very popular SOLD OUT when the 1st demo arrived about 2 years ago!
There is also a member of OHJUS, a group that has both demos and EPs in stock and sold out!
The demo was noisy, metallic, and FIN core KAAOS, and it was delicious and wonderful, so when I heard the news of the 1st EP release, I was looking forward to seeing what happened, but it showed a wonderful finish!
This is like MELLAKKA! !! All 5 songs of heavy explosion destructive metallic FIN core sound that makes you want to get a guts pose! !!
Finland Low Slash Punk is Kenjiya! !!
Keep an eye on JOUKKOHATA, who is already working on a new sound source!
Limited 500 sheets press! !!

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