Human Gas/Stali-Nism split 7" (miscounted, got 1 copy more up now)

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Official Description:
Official reissue of  the rarest Japanese Hardcore/Punk 7? of the ’80s, a true holy grail in every collector’s dreams. The existence of this record has been doubted for years and for some time it has even been removed from Discogs because nobody had evidence of its existence, until a connection with the band members was found. Originally released by the band in 1985, less than 100 copies were pressed and only handed to local friends in the Honbetsu/Obihiro area. What you get here is a pristine replica of the original with the audio sourced from the 1/4? master reels, same artwork-sleeve, same inserts included. A real treasure from two of the most osbscure and violent Hokkaido Punk units. Human Gas attack with their angry and distorted Hardcore, with early versions of their classic rippers “Poison” and “Question“, Stali Nism, as the name suggests – were mostly influenced by The Stalin and deliver an equally energetic and fast Punk, filled with sincere intensity. Limited to 500 copies, all on black vinyl.  

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