Horrendous 3D - The Gov. And Corps. Are Using Psycho-Electronic Weaponry to Manipulate You and Me EP

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While I remembered the two demo tapes from a few years ago, of course it was the popular hype that really caught my attention with this one. Well-deserved in this case, for me this record is "the complete package" as we say. I love the busy cover art with the poppin' color scheme. The production is big and fuckin NOISE while still being clear and understood. The music comes across very similar to their citymates Suss Law (another current band I adore), with its mixture of brutal crustcore, speed, fuckin noise, and a slight UK undertone. While Suss Law is a bit faster and more "punk", Horrendous 3D is a bit more brutal and noisy. Abraham Cross (Japan) comes to mind too, if they were a bit less d-beat and leaned into a more later-Confuse sense of trippy noise flair. Basically, like a lot of the best current punk bands, it sounds informed by all our favorite influences but adding to the canon rather than copying it, having its own unique vision and personality. Highly recommended!!!!

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