Grazhdanskaya Oborona - (The Bearable Weight of Nothingness) 2xLP

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"The albums were recorded unprecedented, it seems to me, not like ours, but in the history of rock in general ... There is not a single sober note at all there. They, of course, played well, but the whole album was written under stimulants - drugs, alcohol, and something else. They brought themselves to a state of maximum sincerity. Each note is “suffered by blood”, it is simply made to the full extent. And because of what our health is very hooked. We sat on stimulants for a year and a half and wrote almost every day. As a result, I undermined my health very much, monstrously simple."

"Gradually a new type of music construction was born. We have done what is called the "wall of sound." The latest albums, “Solstice” and “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” - no one has ever recorded in the history of rock with such a sound, generations will still appreciate it. And again, no one understood! This will be understood after some time."

"These albums - “Solstice”, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” - they were composed after the events of 1993, October, when, as a matter of fact, really triumphed ... not only triumphed - but, I think, it was for the whole world it is shown that such is our Russian existentialism. When a handful shot back, they were hit from tanks there, and everyone thought that we would win. Albums, in fact, are about this: when a person completely loses - and he sings, how he won, and wins. The people, as it seems to me, still do not understand anything. These albums were recorded, respectively, with such a sound that does not look like anything. It should not be like anything! We made a wall of sound that no one ever felt. Because, in fact, no team in the world has such a sound. I generally prefer things which have no analogues in the world. We listen to all kinds of Japanese people, very strange teams, Peruvians, Greeks, Czechs, and generally that which in itself does not look like anything or strives for it."

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